Both Locations Open today 10-7! View our in-store events!
Tiki Blast has arrived!

Tiki Blast is here! A huge 3-story interactive climbing structure where kids and adults alike can jump, climb, and play! The fun doesn't stop there! We've filled this unit with 5,000 foam balls to BLAST in to fun! To cap it off, we've added 12 blast cannons, ball fountains, ball vacuums and interactive targets to make this an experience you'll never forget!

Explore the large play area, or enter the courtyard to experience the BLAST of 5,000 foam balls blasting to the ceiling! Kids and adults and take the fun to a higher level by gathering balls and taking aim with our BLAST cannons! Hit targets, aim for mom and dad and keep score! When you're done, find the nearest slide and prepare for a ride!

NOT JUST A CLIMBING STRUCTURE! Tiki Blast is great for all ages and features interactive, air powered equipment to blast balls to the ceiling, fall from the sky, and zoom up to friends at a higher level!

TODDLERS WELCOME! Tiki Blast features a great toddler area that includes a slide, play yard, and more! And remember, adults are welcome on all of our equipment, so toddlers are welcome to try out every nook and cranny of Tiki Blast!


When is Tiki Blast going to be completed? Tiki Blast construction is complete and is NOW OPEN in our main gym!

Where will Tiki Blast be located?
We're excited to announce that Tiki Blast is located in our Hooksett store in our open gym area! View our Map!

Is there an extra charge for Tiki Blast?
NO! Tiki Blast is included with all standard admissions!

Are Adults allowed?
Yes! This has been custom-built to be adult-friendly! Take your best shot, mom!

Is Tiki Blast handicap accessible?
Yes! We're proud to have customized our entrance and courtyard to be handicap accessible!

Is there a time limit?
NO! This attraction is monitored with all of our other attractions!

5,000 Balls!? Really!?
YES! Amazing, right!? AND, we have extra on standby!

Can my private party guests enjoy Tiki Blast?
YES! We're THRILLED to announce that all private party guests will continue to receive complimentary admission to our open gym at no extra charge to the host! We're thrilled to continue to offer a great value to all of our guests!

Will your admission rates increase now that Tiki Blast is here?
NO! At Cowabunga's, we're thrilled to continue to grow and evolve! Adding new attractions to our line up keeps things exciting, and keeping our rates low for families is top priority!

Is Tiki Blast in your other locations?
Sorry, No. Tiki Blast is currently only featured in our Hooksett store! Other locations soon!